Energy Made in the USA?

Wouldn't you say that your community should be able to produce energy and enjoy the profits! Especially if the energy is safe and clean.

America is exporting TENs OF BILLIONS $$$ each month of your hard earned money to purchase foreign oil! It is making a few people very VERY wealthy and many more quite poor. You want to stimulus? Ask yourself this; what could all this money be doing for our community?

Now, with a crumbling economy and more access to information there is a move on to fix this. PLEASE be conscious that there are two ways of addressing this and one is far better for your community than the other.

Educate a friend and be rewarded?

The truth of it is, if we not educating each other we continue to allow the corporate driven media to stall the development and adoption of clean energy and all the

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is when something becomes so popular that everyone is talking and about it and everyone wants it AND business folk begin salivating over how they can get i

The right choice can change everything

Consumers have the ability to change it all, and now they have choices that will save them money now and save them even more in the future.

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