Privacy Statement

1) Privacy (General)

Your personal information will never be sold to or exchanged with other companies. In fact, is is likely that TsunamiGreen will protect your information more diligently than most because we know just how extremely valuable you are!

That’s why :

TsunamiGreen + Your Attention (for 30 seconds/day) = A Healthier Earth!

So, what will TsunamiGreen do with your attention? Here’s where others dance around the issue, because they don’t want you to know just how much you're actually worth! But here, we can tell it like it is because we need the value of you to get the "right thing" done!

TsunamiGreen works with government and businesses, small and large, presenting to them your call for clean energy and products produced with clean energy. As the industry meets your requests we will notify our petition signers of how and where. This way, for businesses willing to spend a little more on clean, green, healthy renewable energy, you can play a role in helping them grow and prosper.

2) Privacy (Images)

My Reasons: Images submitted for posting for the My Reasons section of TsunamiGreen are done via an anonymous external channel. TsunamiGreen retains no tracking information for images posted and therefore images are entered into the My Reasons section with no record of who they are or where they came from. TsunamiGreen reserves the right to disapprove the posting of any submitted image or remove any previously posted image.