Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is Global Warming really a problem?
A) It is hard for us that understand the urgency to watch as many completely ignore how their daily actions contribute to such a pressing problem. Unfortunately billions has been spent on confusing the public on this issue, and the current state of unknowing was precisely the goal. The spending has been done for a single reason - profits go up when you are not considering the consequences of destroying the environment. However the science is here (and it's been here for years), now it is urgent, and if we don't change course we are on the path of experiencing some serious consequences. Still not a believer: (Read these)

Q) What is "Active Environmental Change"?
A) As apposed to a passive approach (eg: "conservation' of non-renewable energy) we are forming a critical mass of consumers looking to "consume", only now, shifting their spending priorities toward businesses that have chosen an active approach toward a clean energy future - businesses that are making renewable energy a priority within their daily energy consumption and business services. Be a part of the solution and sign up now.

Q) What is zero-carbon zero-toxin energy? Isn't "green" energy the same?
Good question! Here's the problem. The term "green energy" has recently become misused and distorted. True "green energy" means, energy produced with zero carbon AND zero toxin output. This means no burning of any kind and no reactions that yield glowing radioactive byproducts that will eventually find themselves buried in someone's backyard, ocean floor or in the nose of a missal to be shot who knows where. You see, real green is rather nice because even if the source breaks down, falls down, runs aground , is knocked down, or (worst case) is blown up , there are no hazardous materials spewed about to endanger local residents or wildlife. You can't really say that about the residuals left behind from the wreckage of an oil tank, gasoline tank, or nuclear transport/generation facility - can you? Terms such as clean diesel, ultra low emissions, clean coal, and zero carbon nuclear, are feel good terms "designed" to confuse you. Although these are better than their "dirtier" predecessors, these technologies are old school and should have been mainstreamed 25 years ago and then replaced by even cleaner technologies by today. Now the earth faces a more urgent problem and the solutions we embrace must not leave our children with yet another future problem to solve. Join The Race to Zero Carbon now.

Q) Why will the TsunamiGreen Project be effective?
A) Delivering clean energy solutions is going to cost money. This cost is the very reason why businesses push back at government to hide this behind the bushes. They don't want to spend any extra money as it takes away from their profits and bonuses. This sort of spending is actually see as a loss, go figure! But, alas, business will do whatever it takes to satisfy "you" - the consumer. "They want you! They need you!" So, when you demand to consume products from environmentally conscious businesses they in turn will start consuming more and more clean energy products. Their purchasing behavior will then foster competitive new technologies that in-turn will reduce the price of these solutions for everyone - even them! Now, in an effort to capture even more business, clean energy suppliers will strive to get the price of clean energy products low enough for the general public to mass consume. And the good news is - this entire chain reaction will have been started by you selecting your everyday products (from clothing, to cleaning products - to toys and even food) from companies that are willing to take a small portion of their business profits and invest them in changing their energy consumption habits.

Q) Why will the cost of clean energy go down with more consumption?
A) Unlike limited resources such as Coal, Oil, or Gas, where an increase demand drives up the cost, zero carbon/zero toxin sources (such as wind, tidal and solar) are unlimited. When you have an over abundant supply of anything in a competitive market the price quickly drops. All we need to do as consumers is create the demand for the technology that will capture this clean (and free) source of energy. Once we do this companies will fall all over themselves to get you to purchase their technology. Look at any popular technology and how the price starts out high and quickly comes down as soon as market demand goes up. Start driving the cost of energy down now.

Q) What about Corn, Wheat, Bio-Diesel and Wood Chips?
A) First, all of these create carbon when burned, so they don't help us approach a zero-carbon life style. Second, embracing Corn, Wheat and Bio-Diesel over Clean Electrics or Hydrogen will put a strain on our food supply. Have you noticed the increased price of wheat and corn products? This is directly related to the fact that farmers now have two markets bidding up the price of their farm products - the consumer food market and the consumer energy market. Protect the price of your food supply.

Q) How is Hydrogen zero-toxin zero-carbon if it requires energy to make it?
A) A very good question. You must use Zero-Toxin Zero-Carbon sources to power the Hydrogen Generation system. To do this economically one would produce hydrogen using sources such as Wind, Tidal, Hydro and Solar during times of low electrical demand. This allows these systems to produce a product that can be stored for use or sale at later date. For Wind, Hydro-Electrics, and Tidal, night use of these resources to generate hydrogen is the perfect solution.

Q) Is there a cost to be a member?
A) No! At least not cash, but if you have 30 seconds a day to spare, that's actually more valuable! Just sign The Zero-Toxin Zero-Carbon Energy Petition and make a conscious decision to give the world 30 seconds of attention a day. Also, help us spread the word. If you stumble upon companies that care to be a leader, have them contact us. We'll tell the world. We'll help them succeed. Everyone will win! (Become Tsunami Green today!)

Q) What can I do to help?
A) Good question!

  • My your home page.
  • Invite your friends, family and community to join.
  • Follow-up on your invitation(s) and talk about your choices.
  • Help us locate businesses in your community that are "clean energy" conscious. Remember, they don't have to be 100% clean. What they do need to do is show a desire to work toward being clean and prove their desire by taking steps now.

Q) What are the benefits to me?
A) Ok, this is loaded question, right? But some people do ask it! It's that confusion thing.

You will be doing your share to reduce your toxic carbon footprint. Now, if that's not enough and for those that don't believe Global Warming is real, how about any one of these;

  1. You will be helping to reduce toxic hydrocarbons from the air, the ground, and the water making your personal living conditions far more healthy. (If you don't believe that our air, water and soil contain a bit more toxins than they should, and that it is your responsibility to do everything possible to clean up, we're sorry, you are beyond help.)
  2. You will be fostering new technology therefore bolstering our economy.
  3. You will be fostering the job market. Both local and national.
  4. You will be supporting your local community.
  5. Your kids will love you far more in 10, 20 even 30 years. In fact, your action now could very well have a direct impact in adding a few additional years to your life.
  6. Rewards directly from TsunamiGreen. As we grow together so will the rewards.

So, play a role and make it happen. You've got nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Q) How will TsunamiGreen monitor companies?
A) TsunamiGreen is a community organization made up of you (and your friends). And, since every company resides in someone's back yard, we will rely our local TsunamiGreen members to deliver feedback on how any specific company is working to uphold the rating they've been given. If you have comments or suggestions regarding a company in your area please contact us.

Q) Ok, it must take money to run TsunamiGreen, I want to donate.
A) Sorry, we do not take donations. If you have money to spend we'd like to see you spend it on working within your communities to get the TsunamiGreen word out. Please contact us to discus ideas on how to get more involved so that we can make the world a much healthier place for all us.

Q) I have a question that is not answered here.
A) Wonderful. Please post it here as a comment and we will answer it.