For the skeptic?

Hey, we understand. You don't believe you can impact the job situation or the price of energy, and as for Global Warming you don't believe it's a big deal. You stand on the notion that there is no real urgency. Besides, You're only one person - what can you do about it. And as for Zero-Toxin, Zero-Carbon, and Affordable - that's a pipe dream!.

To be perfectly honest, we're not here to debate the Global Warming theories. We are here to show you how a cleaner energy lifestyle will impact you, your family, and your friends in a very positive manner. We are also here to make it easy and fun, AND you'll be able to say - "I played a part." And for the record - "Zero" is very possible!

For the non-believer - Maybe one of the following will give you the incentive to get involved:

Have you noticed that the cost of energy is impacting everything? From simple pleasures (heating a hot tub, a trip to beach) to everyday necessities (driving to work, heating your home, the increasing cost of food.) These increases in cost will leave us with less money in the bank, less money for family vacations, and less money for retirement.

Have you considered how illness might be associated with pollution? Have you ever considered the quantity of toxins that tie back to our use carbon-emitting energy products? That would be - generating energy with fossil fuels? Now, look around and take notice of the increase of illnesses, and also notice they are attacking younger and seemly healthier individuals.


Maybe you're a bit concerned over the number of fathers and sons and mothers and daughters that have given their lives fighting for, fighting against, or defending foreign entities that become unstable and or unjust due to the inequalities created by the oil industry.


Maybe you are conscious of the amount of wildlife being displaced, destroyed and driven into extinction by our devastation of the forests, the glaciers and their food supply? (and you are aware these animals too are part of our food chain)

-and lastly-

Maybe you have the insight to seriously consider some basics such as - The planet Earth was born of a ball of flames. (Your beliefs as to why or how are up to you.) The next step was millions of years of vegetation growth that absorbed the carbon (and other life inhibiting elements) from the environment and locked them within the Earth's soil. You may have heard of this term, it is called Carbon Locking. It is what trees and vegetation (both land and sea) do with carbon they breath in. This is just one of the reasons trees, forests, and healthy ocean, are so very important to sustain life. (Not to mention they breath out what we breath in - oxygen. And they support the very beginning of our food chain.) Ultimately, when you accumulate large quantities of anything they often pool together - hence our enormous oil and coal reserves. (No, oil is not made of dinosaurs!) And the magnitude of how much has pooled together gives us an idea as to how much carbon has dragged out of our atmosphere. Now, since the industrial revolution we've been finding more and more ways to use (and produce) energy from our Earth's carbon locks (mostly oil and coal) while giving little thought to the overall impact this will have as we move all of this carbon back to the Earth's surface. Now, the fact is - we know of many zero-carbon methods of producing energy. And, more importantly, we are near certain that the quality of human life will decrease dramatically should we return all of the carbon locked beneath the Earth's surface to the atmosphere.

The bottom line - can it really hurt to clean up our act?

So what if we're all wrong about GW? - Well, if we do convince you to become part of the solution the worst thing that could happen is - you will have created a lot of jobs, played a role in decreasing the cost of energy and all of these scientists all over the world, theorizing that Global Warming will have a devastating impact, may somehow learn they were wrong. But, with regards to the science, isn't this one theory we really don't want to test for correctness? (By the way - at last poll it was tabulated that better than 95% of scientist are in common agreement on the Global Warming issue)

Join in - have some fun - share your ideas and spread the word. Let's clean up the world for a brighter and healthier future. If ever there was a time for unity, now is it!

Your kids, your grand kids, your pets, your family, your friends, "our troops", every local community, and yourself all win - there will be no losers.