The 20 myths of hydrogen

HydrogenFrom safety to efficiency to use, hydrogen works.

Very thorough indeed but there is one concept the author applies to hydrogen appliances that he does not apply to zero-toxin zero-carbon electrical generation. That being the fact that inexpensive clean electricity would be near term "IF" zero-toxin zero-carbon energy where the focus of all generation systems moving forward. Just as he notes regarding hydrogen reformers (or hydrogen appliances), zero-toxin zero-carbon electrical generation systems will come down in cost and increase in efficiency if a solid market demands such. A solid market demand would result in the next occurrence being competition for market share creating market pressure resulting in better cheaper solutions. Additionally, once these systems are added to the grid they will fall into the category of of undammed hydro-electrics, wind turbines and ocean current turbines which produce energy right through the evening when the demand for this energy is at a fraction of the daytime demand. Clearly this is the time when these systems could be producing energy for use in generating hydrogen.

A myth not clearly addressed in this piece is also that of the transportation of hydrogen being difficult. The truth is, what should be transported is the energy to power the hydrogen appliance and not the hydrogen itself..

This is a long read but very informative. The 20 myths of hydrogen.

Then, there are all these examples of hydrogen applications.