Bring energy home - FAQ

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Q) What sort of clean energy can be made anywhere?
A) Hydrogen!
Hydrogen as a fuel has been around for decades and so has hydrogen fuel cell technology. And it is safe and effective - See, The 20 Myths of Hydrogen here . The short of it is, hydrogen works. It can be made from electricity and water and when you use it as fuel the exhaust is pure steam.

Q) Why get involved?
While the current President of the United States is a pretty sharp guy you must be aware that energy companies and energy investors are now lobbying to maintain the big profit model of energy production. If you stand aside and let them voice their opinions your community will only benefit economically from the fringes of this change.

Here are two examples:

  1. CNG (aka; Compressed Natural Gas) - Praised for its cleanliness (but not zero-carbon which is what is really needed) there is a large push on right now to shift the automobile industry to CNG. CNG does not come from your community. In most cases it cannot be produced in your community. If you wanted to be a part of the economic benefits of this energy product you would need to be lucky enough to own property containing natural gas or have the available cash to invest in such property. If the energy companies are successful in their request there is very little chance that this "alternative" energy product will do little to help your community prosper economically. For example of this sort of lobbing check out (T.Boone Pickens is one of the wealthiest of oilmen. While his plan promotes the construction of numerous wind farms, which is very good and should be quite prosperous, he is also pushing hard for Washington to guide the automobile industry toward CNG. Mr Pickens has a very sum of money invested in natural gas.)
  2. Nuclear Power - Praised for its cleanliness (but not zero-toxin which is what is really needed) there is a large push on right now to shift electrical generation toward nuclear. If nuclear power is the selected as the solution to our electrical generation needs all the service jobs that would be created by a wind farm sized to supply the similar capacity would be displaced. Not to mention that the home for the waste from a nuclear plant is still undetermined because no one wants it in their local - and can you blame them!

Q) What could this production market be worth?
There are some that estimate our cost of importing oil (not including coal or natural gas) is between $400B and $700B annually. If we were to replace these imports with energy produced at home that would equate to an average of $8B to $14B annually per state.

Q) Hydrogen is too costly?
This is terribly misguided statement aimed to confusion and deceive.

  • Creation of hydrogen - If you are creating hydrogen from electricity, and the electricity is abundant and in excess then define "costly"? The reason we say "excess" is because we believe that most hydrogen production should occur in the evenings when most of the population is sleeping. Which is when electricity should be the cheapest and would be if competition were fierce.
  • Fuel Cell technology - For those insisting fuel cell technology is too costly. Look at one popular technology that has not dramatically been reduced in price once mass market competition kicked in. (Mass market competition is in fact what the energy companies don't want! This is precisely what will lower the cost of both technology and the fuel itself.
  • MPG efficiency - Electric cars with hydrogen fuels are actually far more efficient than the current gasoline cars. So much so, that if you manufactured your hydrogen using a fossil fuel such as natural gas your miles per unit energy consumed would be higher for the electric car.

The bottom line - it is all about leadership. Leadership that brings energy home, makes it a local product, creates a competitive platform, and leads us toward hydrogen system mass production. If so, everybody wins - The environment, your country, your community, and you "the consumer."

Q) Examples, Examples, Show me Examples!
If you don't think this technology exists click on a few of these links:

  1. When the town of Hull Massechussetts was challange by the electric company to reduce their capicity they decided to take action to make their own electricity. The result was locally produced and competatively priced electricity, and a few new jobs using no coal or fossil fuel and creating no environmental emmissions of any sort. (click here to read more...)
  2. Here's a hydrogen car and fueling station:
  3. Hydrogen Coalition (notice the list of companies with real products)
  4. In Canada: taken from -- "In an effort to reduce diesel dependency in remote Northern Ontario communities, this partnership aims to develop a low-carbon community energy system that combines wind turbines specifically designed for extreme Northern climates, with a storage system that uses hydrogen and a fuel cell to generate electricity. This off-grid hybrid power system provides a lower-cost, environmentally friendly solution to alleviate the significant financial burden of diesel power systems on remote communities." This one is ironic because the US imports the bulk of their oil from Canada!

Have you ever had that feeling that you were the last to know about something truely amazing? And these are only 4 examples, there are hundreds more. The point is, we must all speak up!

Q) Distributed means: More jobs? Good for Local Economy? How so?
A) The move to clean, toxin-free energy will create new research and new manufacturing jobs to supply new clean energy technology. Additionally, these new technologies by their very nature tend to be distributed and require more labor to maintain per unit energy produced (creating more jobs.) For example, a farmer might erect a few windmills to both power their farm and provide very competitive local power. The farmer might also decide to produce Hydrogen when community electric demand is low. While at first glance it might seem the additional labor cost to support all of these devices would increase the cost of energy, but it does not because there is zero cost of fuel required to source toxin free energy sources.
The result is a lower cost of energy (zero if you own the device), more jobs, a healthier community, and a cleaner environment.

Q) What is zero-carbon zero-toxin energy? Isn't "green" energy the same?
Good question! Here's the problem. The term "green energy" has recently become misused and distorted (or "green washed"). And this distortion is going to cost you lots of money, so a bit of education on this issue now will pay off big time later. True "green energy" means, energy produced with zero carbon AND zero toxin output. This means no burning of any kind and no reactions that yield glowing radioactive byproducts that will eventually find themselves buried in someone's backyard, ocean floor or in the nose of a missile to be shot who knows where.

You see, the real green is rather nice because it requires "zero" dollars be spent on fuel and, even if the source breaks down, falls down, runs aground, is knocked down, or (worst case) is blown up , there are no hazardous materials spewed about to endanger local residents or wildlife. Be careful of terms such as clean diesel, ultra low emissions, clean coal, and zero carbon nuclear, as these are feel good terms "designed" to confuse you and keep low cost clean energy out of your sites. Join The Race to Free Energy now.

Q) WIIFM - What's in it for me?
Ok, this is loaded question, right? Well, the benefits are quite extensive.
First WIIFM: Each time TsunamiGreen researchers uncover a zero-toxin, clean energy solution (or idea) that meets our crowd's requirements we will offer the power of our "Crowd" to help the solution along in exchange for some form of special incentive for the crowd. Then, via email, we contact all members that have indicated an interest in the particular energy solution or product. Seats within a program and amount of product supplied by each will vary by product and company and therefore special offers will be filled on a first come first serve basis. (NOTICE - be sure is white listed in your email spam filter - email is the only form of contact we use at this time.)
Second WIIFM: If being part of, and benefiting from, the "Crowd" just isn't enough, pick one (or more) of these:
1. You will be fostering new technology therefore bolstering our economy.
2. You will be fostering the job market, local and national, maybe even your own.
3. You will be supporting your local community.
4. You will be helping to reduce toxins from the air, the ground, and the water making your personal living conditions far healthier.
5. Your kids will appreciate, and benefit from you taking direct action now. In fact, your action now could very well have a direct impact in adding a few additional years to your own life.
6. You will be reducing (possibly zeroing) your carbon footprint and therefore doing more than anyone could ever imagine to combat global warming. Why purchase carbon credits when you can Crowd Source carbon reducing (or zero-carbon) products?
So, play a role and make it happen. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Q) Why will the TsunamiGreen Project be effective?
We understand that delivering new low cost clean energy solutions is going to cost someone money, but that's what investors are for. What consumers must remember is that business will do whatever it takes to satisfy you. If the crowd demands it someone will strive to supply it. Our job here at TsunamiGreen is to create a catalyst, a place where a crowd can form in support of a solution. This makes the investors decision easier when an inventor with a great idea looks for financial assistance. So, because the crowd drove the process nothing was left to chance.
We (the crowd) get what we want (low cost energy). The inventor gets what they want (a great product and great company). The investor gets what they want (profits from the sale of the energy product). The earth is now a happier place (because the crowd mandated "clean" as a product criteria.) Now, in an effort to capture even more business, more clean energy product companies will compete to reduce the price of technology.
The good news is: this entire chain reaction will have been started by you joining a crowd determined to select everyday products (from clothing to cleaning products and from toys to food) from companies that are willing to listen.

Q) Why will the cost of clean energy go down with more consumption?
Unlike limited resources such as Coal, Oil, or Gas, where an increase demand drives up the cost, the supply of zero carbon/zero toxin sources (such as wind, tidal and solar) is unlimited. When more and more people want something that is of limited supply the demand drives the price up. Opposite to that, when you have an unlimited supply of anything the oversupply drives the price down.
We, as consumers, give little or no thought to the source of the energy we use or the energy used to deliver the products we buy. If we did we could easily create mass demand for technologies that will capture energy from sources that are infinitely available.
Clean and free generation sources, such as wind, tidal and solar meet these requirements. Once we create the demand for such technologies companies will fall all over themselves to get you to purchase their free energy generators. Look at any popular technology and how the price starts out high and quickly comes down as market demand goes up. Start driving the cost of energy down now.

Q) Is "free" energy really possible?
Sure it is. Think of it like this: when you purchase a well pump to extract water from a well you don't pay for water once the pump is installed, do you? (You do pay for the energy, but we're about to fix that part.) - Now, if you were to purchase photovoltaic solar panels, a wind mill, or solar water heating panels you don't pay for the output of these devices regardless of how much you use. In fact, in some communities you are allowed to sell what you don't use back to the power company.

Q) What about Corn, Wheat, Bio-Diesel and Wood Chips?
First, all of these create carbon when burned, so they don't help us approach a zero-carbon life style. Second, embracing Corn, Wheat and Bio-Diesel over Clean Electrics or Hydrogen will put a strain on our food supply. Have you noticed the increased price of wheat and corn products? This is directly related to the fact that farmers now have two markets bidding up the price of their farm products - the consumer food market and the consumer energy market. Protect the price of your food supply.

Q) How is Hydrogen zero-toxin zero-carbon if it requires energy to make it?
A very good question. Think of Hydrogen as a manufactured fuel. Water (H20) plus Electrical energy (to break the Hydrogen Oxygen bond) = Hydrogen (plus the byproduct of Oxygen) Later, when we allow the Hydrogen to re-connect with the Oxygen it gives off heat and water (or steam). Pretty clean, wouldn't you say? Now, to keep the process 100% toxin free Hydrogen can be generated abundantly using electricity from sources such as Wind, Tidal, Hydro and Solar. And, we must applaud companies that promote and adopt these methods of production. For electricity produced via Wind, Hydro-Electrics, and Tidal, night use of these resources to generate (and store) hydrogen is the perfect solution. Be skeptical of long term solutions that claim the use of carbon (or toxin) producing fuel is required to make hydrogen.

Q) What companies, what technologies?
From wind to hydro to tidal to solar, including electricity, transportation, food and fashion, there are no shortages of inventors looking for a home for their low cost clean energy technologies. Our crowd's will assist these products to market faster by assisting in the fine tuning of the product (and company) to best meet the market expectations.

Q) Why am I important?
Here's an example of the power of you - In the 90's the Internet gave rise to incredible communication breakthroughs. As a result, we now communicate faster, better and more cheaply than ever before. Pre-1990, who would have thought you could make unlimited phone calls to next door or around the world for as little as $10/month for telephone service or for free if you happen to have some geek in your blood. This sort of competitive cost cutting innovation came from the youngest and freshest of minds and all because consumers like you lined up and said "I want it!" This is what TsunamiGreen Crowd Sourcing is doing for energy.

Q) What could the special offer be?
It could be anything from an introductory special price to an interactive promotion where a group of consumers are asked to interact with a company and their product in exchange for a steep discount (perhaps nearly free) on their products or services.

Q) I've signed. Now what?
Three things:
1) Ask your friends if they want cheaper energy?
2) Mention to every business you patronize that you are now more interested in dealing with businesses that are investigating (and investing in) zero-toxin energy solutions. Tell them you are a member of Tsunami Green and suggest they join. Be sure and tell them that membership is free.
3) Now, sit back, be patient, and watch as energy prices fall.

Optional - Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back every day for becoming part of the solution.

Q) I am a business, is there a place for me?
Absolutely. We are all energy consumers, and our customers want to do business with those "doing the right thing". Remember, those that decide early on to consume toxic-free energy will not only spark the revolution of low cost energy solutions but they will also be the first to earn the respect and capture the attention of the new zero-toxin Eco-Consumer. When it comes to energy - It's not about what you sell. It's about what you buy.

Q) Ok, it must take money to run TsunamiGreen, can I donate.
You are right. It does. And we'll graciously accept any support you wish to offer at this time. We currently don't have a means to accept donations so if you have money to spend we'd like to see you spend it on working within your communities to get the TsunamiGreen word out. Please contact us to discus ideas on how to get more involved so that we can make the US a much healthier and much more prosperous place for all us.

Q) I have a question that is not answered here.
Wonderful. Please post it here as a comment and we will answer it.

Q) The bottom line.
We are uniting eco-minded energy consumers (both commercial and residential) to create an incentive that will result in an abundance of low cost zero-toxin energy solutions being funded, manufactured and sold via your community. You'll save money, your community will make money, new jobs will be created and the world will be a happier healthier place for us and our children.

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