Energy Made in the USA?

Wouldn't you say that your community should be able to produce energy and enjoy the profits! Especially if the energy is safe and clean.

America is exporting TENs OF BILLIONS $$$ each month of your hard earned money to purchase foreign oil! It is making a few people very VERY wealthy and many more quite poor. You want to stimulus? Ask yourself this; what could all this money be doing for our community?

Now, with a crumbling economy and more access to information there is a move on to fix this. PLEASE be conscious that there are two ways of addressing this and one is far better for your community than the other.

  1. Question the BIG OIL/COAL/Natural Gas Energy Plan - Energy companies and their investors are lobbying for solutions such as replacing gasoline and diesel powered engines with Compressed Natural Gas engines. Some are even getting the American Public to lobby for them! If their proposals are adopted (as part of any "stimulus plan") think of what it will do to the cost of NG for home heating as they continue to extract billions of dollars from our communities while throwing a few jobs our way and leaving the same communities struggling to recover from an economic disaster partly triggered by energy greed.
  2. Consider the American Energy Plan - A plan that benefits all American communities equally by allowing energy to become a locally produced American made product. A plan that shifts the billions of dollars currently leaving our communities back into the communities to support a very healthy and sustainable job market. But what does this mean, how likely is it to happen without your consumer voice, and most importantly, how can we make it happen?

The American Energy Plan
Productize it / Localize it / Share its wealth

  • What if energy was made in the USA? Not pumped or mined from the earth but actually made in your hometown? (Not Natural Gas either, that resource does nothing for the prosperity of your community.)
  • What if our Made In America fuel was pristine clean? No toxins, no emissions, no dirt, just as clean as the cleanest water on earth.
  • What if our cars, boats, SUVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Lawn Equipment (you name it!) all ran on American Made Fuel?
  • What if our Made In America fuel created hundreds of thousands of new jobs - to make the fuel of course? Good jobs, safe jobs, and clean non-toxic jobs.
  • What if our American made fuel powered your car at a fraction of today's cost?
  • What if our American made fuel lowered the cost of food - think of the energy required to grow, ship, and process our food!
  • What if the value of your home included the energy source to power it.
  • What if our American made fuel relied on NO foreign sources and we could NEVER run out of it?

Now is the time America. Some corporations are listening. Let's not let the big energy interests make more noise than those of us keeping America running. We must tell the market we want to make energy a product (not a natural resource) and that we want to bring production home into our own communities.

Now, here's your challenge. Your friends, (and some claiming to be smarter than you) will give you all the reasons why this is impossible. Click here if you're a skeptic. Or, if you simply trust this can be done, click here so that our voices may be heard loud and clear in DC.

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