The Environmentally Conscious Business

Does your businesses have an environmental conscience?

From home care to hair care, auto repair to lawn care, or jewelry to pharmaceuticals - If you are a businessperson with an active environmental conscience we say, beat your chest, make some noise, and most importantly - "Raise the bar!" Join The Tsunami Green Project and allow us to profile and promote your business. There is no charge for this "public" service BUT, you must be diligently making changes for the "green" of it. In return for your environmental commitment our grassroots members will go out of their way to spread your good word, There is however one firm rule - your environmental respect must be evident in your actions. If your "green" isn't in the right place, be forewarned, our members will talk!

Sign up now and express your commitment to a healthier and happier future for all that live (and will live) in your community. You'll get more new customers and we all get a healthier home - it's that easy. If you're not currently as green as you like, but want to change, that's an even better reason to join - our members will help you take your first green steps AND reward you with new business.

After you join, fill out your business profile and then contact us. A Tsunami Green Project editor will schedule an interview so that we can learn more about your plans to drive your community green.

You're not an owner but you know of a consciously green business individual!

If you know of another environmentally conscious business that would like to get a bit (ok, maybe a lot!) of free press, gain some new customers, and raise the environmental bar in their community click here .

Our members are concerned about the future home of our children. To address our concerns we would like to interact with businesses that share this same level of environmental awareness.

At Tsunami Green we believe that when it comes to cleaning up our children's Earth and making it a safer a place it's not about what you sell - it's about what we buy.