Free Energy and more jobs?

When you're convinced you want this to happen click here.

Is free energy really possible? Absolutely! Here are just a few:

  • Solar Pool Heater = Free Energy
  • Photovoltaics to make electricity = Free Energy
  • Solar Hot Water Heater = Free Energy

These are just three and there are a list of companies a ball field (or two) long itching to offer you more. All of the technologies mentioned above deliver 100% payback long before they approach their end of service life, which means, after you reach 100% payback all energy produced after that time is free! For some of us, the current price for these technologies may be a bit higher than we can afford, but that will all change if you show your interest for clean energy now.

How can Free save jobs? - Because all of these devices that make energy require service, and even replacement at some point, to keep them functional. But even with service and replacement costs the owner saves tens of thousands over the service life of the equipment.

Now, imagine this not so distant future - Your car is electric and gets it power from a battery pack or a hydrogen fuel cell. You charge the batteries or generate your own hydrogen at home from your...Solar cells, Wind turbine, water wheel etc, which if you don't happen to own your own electric source you might instead purchase electricity from a Community Owned Wind-farm CoOp.

To make all this a reality all you need to do is change the way you think about energy. That is: Would you rather energy be a product of something you own OR would you rather purchase it as a service provided by others. There are benefits to both, but the point is, clean natural energy can be yours for free and mostly because of it's toxic free properties.

Let's dream a little. What would you do if energy were free?

  • You might heat your swimming pool
  • You might drive a little more
  • You might take more trips with the family
  • You might buy a bigger house
  • You might add that extra home addition
  • You might install central air conditioning
  • You might purchase that truck you've always wanted but don't really need
  • You might purchase that RV and travel more

How do we make it happen? All you have to do is want it and want to push a little. (click here, join your neighbors, and prove it)

So, how about you? What would you do if energy were as free as the wind in your hair or the rain on your face? Post your comments below and those that are unique will be added to the list above.