The Why

We're doing it for "them" (our children, our friends, our solders, young parents, older parents, and soon to be parents). Because the future is here and we can no longer put this off. Ignoring the issue of clean renewable energy is costing us all - we are paying for it with our health, we are paying for it with our life, and we paying for it with our wallets. We will some day be asked by our children; "just what were you thinking?" - What will be your answer?

Maybe you've heard the news. Maybe you've read the science. Maybe you're concerned about Climate Change. Maybe you're nervous about the high level of pollution in our rivers and oceans. Or, maybe you're just conscious enough to understand that our Earth can only take so much toxic imbalance before we are forced to deal with environmental hardships the likes of which man has never had to face.

Here's the short list of some big benefits.