The Energy Party - get educated on energy

Yes, that's right! Have a Green Party. We provide educational games and then toss in an insane rewards program from local merchants. That's right, learn about greening up and you will be handsomely rewarded for the effort. 

Tell your guests to come prepared to learn a little and laugh a lot as they are exposed to: 

  • What the zero-carbon & zero-toxin actually mean.
  • How consumers can start reducing their footprint with regards to their gas and electric, and even gasoline.
  • What impact selecting the products will have on your local community
  • On top of saving money today, what impact your selection of green energy today may have on your tomorrow

Sound fun? Contact us today and learn more. Be sure to ask for the representative that contacted you about hosting, or attending an Energy Party.


Educational event just for kids? Not a problem. Starting at ages 9 and up we have a program specifically designed to teach children all about energy, where it comes from, and what it leaves behind. We then challenge the children to come up with ideas and solutions. Contact us and ask us how to arrange such an event.