Feeling Guilty?

That's ok. Actually, that's good! It means you realize the injustice we are doing to our friends, our family (our children especially), our economy, and (if your really with it) our own personal health. So, let's get started and channel our guilt into a productive motive to make things right! It's easier than you think. Consider the following:

Consumption wise: 

  • Do you ever think about where your energy comes from?
  • Do you ever think about how much energy you use? (watts per person, coal per person, gallons of gas per person)
  • Do you ever think about reducing your energy consumption?
  • Do you ever think about replacing your sources with none fossil fuel sources?

Conservation wise:

  • Do you leave that extra light on, when you walked from room to room, or closet to room?
  • Do you run the shower water more than 3 minutes in total?
  • Do you drive a bit more than you need? Consolidate your trips, make them count?
  • Do you run the AC in your car just to keep your hair from blowing around? Turn up the music, feel the wind in your hair. Buy a fuel efficient convertible!
  • Do you let the water run in your sink while you brush your teeth?
  • Could you have turned the heat down in your home and added an extra sweater? O turned it up and worn a bit less!
  • Do you purchase items shipped halfway around the world in place of buying the same product produced locally?
  • Are you heating your pool with anything other than solar energy?

And this is just the short list....

The fact is - We're all guilty and that's what makes a major correction so easy. Remember, you don't have to correct it all at once to make a difference. Your attention is the key! One small step at a time, and done by millions of friends working together, will make one amazing difference for us and for every one of our future generations (that's right, our kids need us to take action now…)

Free energy is clean energy - it solves more problems than any one of us can imagine. Join the crowd

Have some guilt of your own? Add a comment below and we'll add it to the list.