A Little History

We are The Tsunami Green Project:

The short of it is - We as consumers hold the keys to solve our Earth's most difficult environmental issues. Whether it is the Global Warming issue you want to address or the ever mounting natural resource toxicity crisis, the bottom line is - If we applaud businesses (small and large) that strive to reduce their toxic footprint everyone wins. The Tsunami Green Project aims to show consumers how they can get to consume great products and we get a cleaner & healthier, future for our kids. It is that simple!

The Tsunami Green idea was founded in November 2006, arose from the idea Frank Urro, our founder, who remembers the fall of the Green Technology market in the late 80s. Determined to play a role in keeping history from repeating itself, he shared his idea with multiple generations that really wanted to see change. The idea - "It" is 'us'. We must request and promote change. Our elected scientists and officials can do only so much without having the support of the consumer, who in fact really wheedles the "big stick" to change it all. With this notion in mind, we decided to create a plateform where parents, grandparents, children, teens, young adults, friends and concerned communities could unite via a common thread - to create the new Eco-Consumer and push business to get it right.

When the dust settled, The Tsunami Green Project was born - the nucleus for those conscious of how direly important it is for us to reach a zero-toxin zero-carbon energy lifestyle.

At Tsunami Green we don't ask what can be done, we do what should be done.

Join "The Race to Zero Carbon" and reduce your toxic carbon footprint now. Take the Tsunami Green pledge now!