The How

What - Spend, Consume, Enjoy?? I thought sacrifice and conservation are the keys to solving this problem!

Enter, the Eco-Consumer - Call it what you want - Clean Energy, Carbon Neutral, Green Energy, Renewable Energy, Global Warming, Environmental Sustainability - what ever, the solution is simple - "Reward the businesses that are doing the right thing!" That's it! The rest will fall into place.

How you ask, can it be so easy to squelch our insatiable hunger for carbon producing fuels? Simple, we are consumers, it's what we do best! In fact, it's what got us into this mess so why not use it to get us out? Since most all business decisions are driven by profits (sad but true), let our attention as consumers drive change by simply choosing to acknowledge organizations that care as much about your future (and our children) as you do!

Now, you want to see a tsunami do you? Just watch how business responds to being Earth Friendly when they begin to interact with this wave of supportive environmentally concisions consumers!

It's easy and it's rewarding! So, while many might push you by saying - "use less, consume less, conserve" etc.. etc.. etc..(Not bad things but) - We're saying; add to this, "spend, consume and enjoy." The fact is, your spending can actually be more beneficial to driving change - just spend with businesses and services that are investing in the health and well being of a renewable sustainable future (food, hardware, clothing, services and energy alike - from candy to cars). Now, you can enjoy your life while also playing a direct role in creating new jobs, supporting new industries and (most importantly) motivating the development of a cleaner healthier industrial life style - one that will benefit every living thing on this planet.

You want to decrease, even eliminate, your carbon footprint? TsunamiGreen is the place.

With true community spirit, let's embrace our friends, family, and neighbors and get serious about fixing this problem so our kids don't have to.

Ok - Take action now!

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