Lessen that Sink Carbon!

Yesterday's Conserve brings us today's Consume! Like we say; "Demand results in Supply!" Yesterday we received this info! SinkPositive turns any standard toilet into a quick and handy hand-washing basin.

Sure, you probably wouldn't put this in your main bath, but there are places where SinkPositive is a great fit. A pool house, summer cabins, play-room bath, outdoor bath houses, etc.

Also, you may be thinking that the sight of gray-water in your toilet bowl could be disturbing, but SinkPositive actually has a "functional" design that prompts its use post toilet use only. This means the real dirty hands are still washed in your regular sink. Additionally, this design will encourage hand washing after toilet use. Check this one out!

If something such as this were used just once a day to conservation just 2 gallons per person (that's a single short hand wash), now multiplied by 3 people per household and for the approximate 100 million homes in the US, this leaves us a savings of:

  • Coal = 5M Tons
  • Sulfur Dioxide = 36,700 Tons - Main cause of acid rain
  • Nitrogen Oxides 37,500 Tons - Causes smog and acid rain
  • Carbon Dioxide 13,600,000 Tons - Greenhouse gas responsible for global warming

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