Urgency behind The Race to Zero Carbon!

Fact: Humans are unlocking carbon at an ever-increasing rate through the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

Fact: Our atmospheric carbon levels continue to increase and have reached levels many are now certain are connected with the dramatic (even catastrophic) changes in our weather patterns.

Fact: Plants are the only things on earth, we currently know of, that remove carbon from the air and lock it into the ground.

Fact: Humans are harvesting plants at a rate far faster than they can reproduce.

Clearing trees 50 years ago!

Clearing trees today!

This is not your farther's axe!

Logic – If atmospheric carbon is already increasing faster than our current plant matter can remove it, and yet we continue to remove plants faster than they can reproduce, then the only alternative is – we must quench our energy thirst via Zero-Carbon Sources. This will give the plant matter left on earth the ability to catch-up. In layman’s terms, this means our energy sources must not burn carbon fuels! The majoring of our carbon fuel consumption such as petrol, coal, and plant based fuels must be replaced by Hydro Electric, Solar Power, Wind Power, Tidal Power and Hydrogen generated by way of Hydro, Solar, Wind or Tidal. A path powering us with truly clean energy yielding no hazardous by-products.

We can't just "leap" to Zero Carbon, can we? No. But the point is, every step we take from this point on should bring us one step closer to a Zero Carbon / Zero Toxin energy community. Every wind powered generator, every hydro power generator, ever solar powered generator and every tidal powered generator we put into action makes some home, office or process zero carbon / zero toxin energy compliant.

What if we do nothing? Well, no one really knows for sure. But, if the Climate Change theorists are correct;

  • The oceans will rise, so some costal cities and cities built below sea level will be no more.
  • Some cold weather climates will warm and could be more comfortable – while some currently warm weather climates could become unbearably warm - even to the point of being unhealthy.
  • There will be more drought areas as snow capped mountains, which were once the water source for many areas, warm to the point they no longer collect adequate amounts of winter snow and are unable to supply the rivers they once fed during the summer thaw.
  • Many species of land and sea creatures will be lost as their environment changes to conditions uninhabitable to them.
  • Some warm weather climates might see abrupt alternations (like unexpected quick freezing) that can impact agriculture yield.

What don’t we know -

  • What will be the ill health effects that will come of the increase in temperature?
  • How will the loss of species (animal and plant) impact our earth and our health?
  • How dramatic will our weather change?
  • Could this drastic change in our environment (namely, the melting of the polar ice caps) trigger something more devastating such as an ice age?

If we take serious action, there are only two outcomes:

  • The downside first – we succeed in our efforts to convert mostly to Zero-Carbon sources but are still challenged by the devastating impact of our past environmental ignorance.
  • The upside – Our success in converting to mostly Zero-Carbon sources leaves our children with the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our earth just as we did (maybe even better.)
  • In any case – (even if the Global Warming theory is a hoax) taking eco-friendly action delivers the following returns:
    1. We create a demand for new technologies.
    2. We create new jobs.
    3. We bolster the economy.
    4. We cleanup our air.
    5. We cleanup our rivers.
    6. We cleanup our forests.
    7. We cleanup our oceans.
    8. We reduce the amount of pollution related health issues.
    9. We make global trade earth friendly.

Now, what again is the problem with everyone taking action at every level?

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