Aero Elastic Flutter - A Humdinger of an idea

That's right - elastic bands that flutter in the wind! Sounds simple, right! Well, it is! This is the newest thing in capturing wind energy since, well… the windmill, which by the way happens to be about a thousand years old! This device is claimed to yield an efficiency increase over the traditional windmill of 10x to 30x. It is painfully simple to construct, is extremely reliable in nature and requires only a very small wind speed (5MPH) to activate.

Inventor Shawn Frayne calls it The Windbelt and has started Humdinger Energy to bring this incredible Micro-Wind Energy invention from a prototype to a market reality.

In this picture, Shawn displays the ability of the Windbelt to operate at low wind speeds by blowing on the device to power a cell phone!

Check out this video to see just how incrediably basic this device is -

Humdinger! - Yes it is!

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