The Power of Commitment!

First - and most important

Next - for those looking to step a bit more outside the box - pick one (or more) and have fun with it!

  • Join "the crowd"! (click here) - Be BOLD or be private. Either way your commitment and attention, in support of Free Zero-Toxin Energy , will result in valuable payback for you, your family, and your community.
  • Why become more involved ? There are two main issues here. First, the rising cost of energy is creating a major problem for our economy. Second, we now better understand the negative health and environmental impact of our excessive use of fossil fuels. So, now is the perfect time to address both issues. It sounds too easy but it's true. To win The Race to Free Zero Toxin Energy your desire is all it takes. While others might tell you to sacrifice some of life's simpler pleasures we say; don't forgo that $2 cup of coffee, - on the contrary enjoy your coffee. Have two in fact, just be conscious of the energy sources used heat and light the coffee house, produce the cups, roast the beans, brew the beans, and transport it all to you.

  • Tell a Friend - Build your own crowd. Know a green inventor or entrepreneur? Tell us about them and we'll ask them to submit a project.
  • Tell a small business - Small Businesses are the life blood of the American Dream. Once we get the fiber of the American business machine on track, given our history to innovate, there will be no stopping America's light-speed ability to address a problem. If you know of a business looking to really do something about our dirty costly energy issue. Tell them to contact us. We want to know, then we want everyone we know know.
  • Spread the word - Share the TsumamiGreen Free Energy Project with friends and colleagues using the "Send to A Friend" link at the bottom of each section. Sign your emails. These actions increase awareness and increase the value and strength of your Tsunami... Community!
  • Feedback - Every once is a while give us some feedback. Tell us what you think and what you want, incentives, or maybe contests to keep it fun, or certain Energy Friendly Earth-Friendly products, or even vacation ideas! You tell us and we'll make it happen, together.
  • Talk about it! - Who doesn't want very inexpensive energy! So, talk it up with your friends.
  • Plan something - Give us your ideas and get us to post it. Are you up for the challenge? contact us
  • Organize a local event - If you have access to a community organization where you can openly present the benefits of TsunamiGreen, contact us and we'll help you organize and deliver the message.
  • Your ideas make all the difference. Get involved, if you have ideas of your own, that you feel would help us all, submit your suggestions or check out our Opportunities section.
  • Teachers - very important - Teachers are the key to our toxin free clean energy future. Inspiring our young minds to think outside the "toxic carbon" box is the key to life long change. Not only will the teachers be teaching our best and brightest, but these students will bring home what they learn increasing the TsunamiGreen effect. So, we've brought this message into the schools at all ages (And we make it fun.)