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The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is when something becomes so popular that everyone is talking and about it and everyone wants it AND business folk begin salivating over how they can get into the market.

This wild consumer frenzy creates the highly competitive market that innovates the price to it's lowest possible cost. Just think about all of the technology in the past that went through these phases and once they hit the tipping point, everyone started to produce them and the price drops were ridiculous.

This will happen with Green Energy and the systems that produce it, and to get us there we just have to make a conscious effort to consume as much as we can afford which in-turn will drive Green Energy to the brink of the its market Tipping Point.

Luckily, because of electricity deregulation in many states, competition is creating consumer electric products designed that allow the general consumer to consume all or part of their energy in the form of Green Energy without paying any big premiums compared to what you pay today for electricity.