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Educate a friend and be rewarded?

The truth of it is, if we not educating each other we continue to allow the corporate driven media to stall the development and adoption of clean energy and all the benefits that go along with it.

What sort of incentives are available to you for educating the masses? Here is one from an energy company driven by today's younger eco-friendly crowd. It's completely free to participate, and as you educate more people your monthly incentives continue to grow. 

Here's how it works and here are the products.

The premise of this program is;

  • It costs you no more than the energy you buying today!
  • It's 25% Green (minimum!)
  • It creates local jobs using your consumption - guaranteed!
  • It's free to switch!
  • There are no subscription fees.
  • Customers get signup rewards for switching and staying (exclusive deals at over 125,000 retailers)
  • A unique (one of kind) customer referral program (also totally free!) rewarding you when sharing/educating all this with friends, family, and community.

The environment, the economy and the health of local communities is in jeopardy, and all due to the detrimental effects of fossil fuel. The power of Word of Mouth and consumer rewards is the only way we are going to make such a dramatic transmission - sooner rather than later - and the sooner we all jump in the quicker we start adding jobs, reducing the cost of..... well, everything, and correcting so many energy based environmental issues.

 Contact Frank at Tipping Point Green and find out how you can be the first to trigger change in your community.