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Why hug a tree - some carbon locking basics

Just why is vegetation (both land and sea) so important? Because they absorb carbon from the air and lock it into the earth - at least that's what they should be doing! Let's look at how we disturb this process.

  • How much carbon is digested by one tree? Average = 14lbs/yr
  • How much carbon is produced by one person? Average = 730lbs/yr (or 52 trees)

Why not burn wood or wood scraps? Or even leaves!!! - When you burn one tree it takes 25 years for another tree to absorb the carbon created by the burning of the first. If you simply fall the tree and replace it by a new tree, that is best. Why? Because the burning of a tree completely negates the benefit of it absorbing (or locking) carbon produced by other means.

What do we mean?

The "carbon" produced by one person, noted above, is that from your body only! It does not include the additional carbon "you" are responsible for such as - home heating, home cooling, transportation, office heating, office cooling, food preparation, food preservation, plastic disposables/consumables, packaging, package delivery, lighting, electronics, cloths washing, cloths drying, cloths finishing, hair care, water consumption, water heating, home cleaning, auto cleaning, trash (non recyclable) transportation, recyclables transportation, recyclable processing, organic waste transportation (which could be composted saving millions of tons of carbon each year!), etc. etc. etc.

This is your carbon footprint! It is the reason the base source of the energy required for these tasks must come from a zero carbon source!

Make sense!

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