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Is Zero even possible?

Come on! Be reasonable. Is zero even possible?

Sure it is! Here's the key. Pick just one thing at a time and don't overwhelm yourself. Your effort, regardless of how small you may think it is, is huge when you multiply it by 1M, or 10M, or better yet - 100M.

So, here are a few things some individuals have converted to zero-toxin zero-carbon:

  • Hang drying their cloths. (How simple was that one!) (affordable)
  • Mowing their lawn via electrics (via solar rechargeables!) (affordable)
  • Riding their bike to the gym! (now that's a fresh idea!) (affordable)
  • Solar heating their swimming pool (affordable)
  • Purchasing residential electricity from a wind farm or hydro-electric generation plant. (affordable)
  • Residential photovoltaics to generate home electricity (almost affordable)
  • Installation of a community windmill (powers multiple homes, or communities) (affordable but requires investment)

From small to large, there you have it. But for many these options are not currently available or affordable.

The goal of the TsunamiGreen project, is to make these options widely available and at affordable prices. All we need is your support!

Note: Gas powered lawn and garden equipment produce hundreds of times more pollution per horsepower than today's automobile. So, those switching to solar rechargeable lawn mowers could be more eco-friendly than they may even know.