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Everything you wanted to know about CNG vehicles but didn't know who to ask.

Check out NGV America for up to the minute information on vehicles running on (and converted to) CNG.

While this solution is not a zero carbon one it is a good step in the right direction for conversion of our existing automobiles, trucks and buses. The real TsunamiGreen Vision however is that some entity design an automobile drive system where heat energy (of any form) is used to generate electricity. This allows us to us to CNG now but convert to Hydrogen in the future. For example, turbine engines run at 50%+ efficiencies (while internal combustion engines fall well below that.) There is also talk of an air car, where heat is used to drive a compressor which in turn powers an electrical generator. The developers of this (Tata Motors) car are tight lipped but say we will see a 100/mile plus vehicle entered in the x-prise contest in 2009 and maybe for sale in the USA in late 2009 (See Zero-Pollution Motors) . All that said, in both alternative mentioned here (turbine and air-car) CNG could be a stepping stone fuel with hydrogen as the finally.