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Lessen that Sink Carbon!

Yesterday's Conserve brings us today's Consume!

Carbon from your sink and shower?

We all enjoy the warmth of a nice steamy shower. Energy for heating aside, have you ever given thought to what's required to move your water? No! We'll help you.
On average the pumping of 1 gallon of water each day will use 17.5lbs of coal/gal/yr. Therefore, a daily shower for 5 minutes will use 350lbs of coal/yr while a daily shower of 10 minutes will use in the area of 700lbs/yr. Using 10 minutes, which is the average a person showers, multiplied by 3 people per household, for the approximate 100 million homes in the US, this leave us with:

  • Sulfur Dioxide = 735,000 Tons - Main cause of acid rain
  • Nitrogen Oxides  750,000 Tons - Causes smog and acid rain
  • Carbon Dioxide 272,000,000 Tons - Greenhouse gas responsible for global warming

These numbers reflect only the energy required for motion. The energy required to heat water is far greater.

And no, we're not advocating you stop showering! But it is why leaky faucets, a running unused garden hose, leaky toilets, running a faucet while your tooth brush is in your mouth, rinsing of dishes before you put them in the dish washer, and the general overuse or wasting of water is so environmentally destructive.

Remember; the force of nature - is YOU!

A Cleaner Cleaner!

Zoots Dry-Cleaners of Newton Massachusetts provides garment dry-cleaning for clothes using only 100% bio-degradable fluids instead of the industry standard, perchloroethylene. And they deliver!

Great job Zoots. You get our business!

Now let's raise the bar - In our Race to Zero Carbon, do you think the clean CEO and visionary, Jim McManus, is pondering an all electric fleet of delivery vehicles? That's your call, so put your attention to work. When your Zoots delivery person greets you with your toxin free garments let them know what a great job they've done. Then be sure tell them you'd love to see an EV fleet of Zoots vehicles!

That's Green. That's TsunamiGreen. That's the power of "your" commitment!

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