Carbon Friendly Products

The naivety of the inventor

HyperCar"In 1999, we took this process a step further by launching a for-profit venture, Hypercar, Inc., to speed the industry's transition by exerting direct competitive pressure."? Pressure on who? What were they thinking? The way the Hyper Car would have actually made it to market would have been if RMI bought a "Bat Cave" and built it there. Yes, a side of small mountain, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains where they built and sold these things with little or no mainstream publicity.

The 20 myths of hydrogen

HydrogenFrom safety to efficiency to use, hydrogen works.

Residential Wind Power

It appears residential wind energy systems are getting cheaper.

The Cost of Low Tire Pressure

Did you know that driving on tires that are 20% under inflated costs you around $.15/gal of gas? (at today's rate of $3.00/gallon) That's $1.50 per 10 gallons or roughly around $2.50 to $3.00 per fill up. When was the last time you checked your tire pressure?

Here's an innovative device that will alert you when your tires are low. At the average cost of $5 each, if your driving around on under inflated tires, these little guys will pay for themselves in no time at all, not to mention you'll also lower your carbon footprint.

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Aero Elastic Flutter - A Humdinger of an idea

That's right - elastic bands that flutter in the wi

Some much needed "out-of-the-box" thinking

Inventor Joseph Tate has created the Ambient Power Module. This device actually catches power from thin air by converting radio waves into usable DC electrical energy. While the voltage and power outputs are low, the device can power things such as clocks, clock radios, calculators, or store the energy for later use via charging rechargeable batteries.
There is indication (and some controversy) that properly built this device could produce 36 volts @ 9 watts, which is equivalent to several conventional "disposable" batteries. Should anyone know or be capable of reaching Joseph Tate, please have him join this conversation for a detailed Q & A.
In it's own right the Tate Ambient Power Module is a Zero Carbon Device.

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Chipping away to become Eco-Friendly

Frito-Lay will take a major Eco-Friendly step by taking its Arizona factory off the grid.

A design that will reduce electricity and water consumption by 90%, and greenhouse gas reduction by 75%!

How? - Potato peelings will be used to fertilize farmland. Filters will recycle wastewater and use it to power the factory. Other wastewater will be burned to produce methane to power boilers. In addition, more efficient ovens will be used, along with vacuum hoses to absorb moisture from the taters. Less moisture means less energy is required to cook the chips. Heat from heat stacks will be recaptured and reused. Skylights will light the entire factory.

Renewable energy will power much of the plant. 50 acres of solar concentrators are to be built behind the plant for energy, and a biomass generator will burn agricultural waste to produce even more energy.

Who says you can't get frying "hot" with green energy!

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Yogurt goes solar!

Here's a perfect application for solar energy.

Yogurt fermentation is a low temperature process but, nonetheless, it takes energy to sustain the low but constant heat required to turn milk into yogurt. Stoneyfield Farms has decided to capture the energy they use for fermentation from - the sun! Natural yogurt made with natural energy - what a concept!

Good call Gary. Stonefield Farms gets the TsunamiGreen vote.

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Lessen that Sink Carbon!

Yesterday's Conserve brings us today's Consume!

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