Myths on turning off fluorescent lights

We all understand that turning off lights saves energy and our environment (See Kill the unused lights), but what about the myths around fluorescent lights that keep a great many from turning fluorescent lights off to save energy? Well there is only a very small amount of truth in these and in most cases they do not apply at all.

Kill the unused ligts!

Ever wonder just what a light bulb cost the earth? Well, to energize four 100Watt bulbs for 6 hours/day for 1 year it cost 714 pounds of coal. So, 4 bulbs, 6 hours for 100 million homes cost us: 71.4B lbs of coal, leaving behind:

  • Sulfur Dioxide =  250,000 Tons - Main cause of acid rain
  • Nitrogen Oxides 255,000 Tons - Causes smog and acid rain
  • Carbon Dioxide 92,600,000 Tons - Greenhouse gas responsible for global warming

Not to mention the wake of destruction that the coal mining and distribution process leaves in its path.

Perspective References - US Population by State & by City

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